Links to articles and books related to Mental Health in Zanzibar:

The primary research on mental illness in Zanzibar was carried out by Juli McGruder.  This is reported  on in a book called Crazy like Us by Ethan Watters. You can read it online through this link 

or buy it on Amazon Here    It is really worth reading the whole book, it is fascinationg.

You can see Juli McGruder give a lecture ‘ Interogating the WHO Finding of a More Benign Schizophrenia in Poor Countries: Lessons from Zanzibar’

The Americanisation of Mental Illness‘  is an article by Ethan Watters that is a condensed version of Crazy Like us if you don’t have time to read the book.

Article: People with Schizophrenia fare better in developing countries

Improving Psychiatric Care in Rural Zanzibar

Decentralisation of Psychiatric Services in Zanzibar

The Rwandan Prescription for Depression

Link to an  Unreported World Program about the treatment of women accused of being witches in Tanzania. (This is not a problem in Zanzibar)

An article on the role of witch doctors in Tanzanian society

Article: The Future of Psychiatry in Africa – Thinking outside the Box

Hallucinatory ‘voices’ shaped by local culture

Developing and implementing mental health policy in Zanzibar, a low income country off the coast of East Africa

Friendship Bench is an African initiative for combating depression using a CBT approach

Mental Health in Zanzibar  Powerpoint Presentation

Friendship Bench 

Friendship Bench Therapy

Analysis of Traditional Medicine in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Should African Countries Legally Recognize Traditional Healers as medical practitioners?

Zanzibar’s Traditional Healers

Bridging Gaps in Healthcare and Healing